HTCC Annual Meeting & Networking Convention - Wed, April 15

posted Mar 13, 2015, 7:36 AM by Michael McCabe   [ updated by Jeff Miller ]

Haverford Township Civic Council
Annual Meeting and Networking Convention
Wednesday, April 15th
6:30 PM - Registration & Networking
7:00 - 9:00 Meeting
Community Recreation and Environmental Center
Haverford Reserve

The Haverford Township Civic Council's annual meeting is the occasion for member organizations to network, elect the Civic Council board members and vote on up to five "Action Priorities" for the coming year. Each of up to 40 member organizations is entitled to send two delegates to participate in the voting.   All residents of Haverford Township are welcome to attend -- it is a great way to get involved with your community!

Any group of at least ten residents may petition the Civic Council to endorse its proposed project, issue or program as an "Action Priority Project."  If approved by the body of delegates, the Civic Council will provide organizational support for the initiative and the group is entitled to nominate a leader to serve on the Civic Council board. Past action priorities have included such successes as the Haverford Township Music Festival, the upgrade to the Ardmore Junction SEPTA station, Freedom Playground and business district revitalization initiatives.

"The annual meeting is a great opportunity to launch community improvement initiatives and infuse new energy into our organization. It is always an stimulating event,"  explained HTCC's President, Jeff Miller.

 Refreshments will be served and opportunities for networking will be provided before and after the business part of the meeting.

 Member organizations have been invited to assign their delegates and have received instructions about proposing action priorities. New or ad hoc groups may also propose action priorities to obtain Civic Council support for their ideas by completing a form that includes signatures of ten people willing to work on the project.  The form may be obtained from the Civic Council website  The deadline for an action priority submission is April 8, 2015.

Every organization will have the opportunity to make a short announcement about upcoming programs and events, volunteer needs, etc. and can bring flyers or forms to display.  If you have a  larger display that you would like to bring, please contact Jeanne Angell at

If you are interested in being an HTCC Board Member for 2015, please contact Jeanette DiLuco at