Haverford Township Article in Jan 2 Philly Inquirer

posted Jan 4, 2016, 5:49 PM by Michael McCabe   [ updated by Jeff Miller ]
The January 2 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer had a very positive article about the township by Mari A. Schaefer entitled Haverford Township Experiencing a Civic Reboot.

Ten years ago, Haverford Township was known for its political infighting, tired business areas, and status-quo Civic Council.

Then an election brought three new township commissioners; fresh blood energized the Civic Council - an umbrella group of local organizations - and grassroots volunteers got to work.

The impact is visible: new streetlights, improved sidewalks, better parking. The township boasts a popular music festival, a new recreation center and YMCA, and a diverse restaurant scene that includes Mexican, Thai, modern Irish, Italian, gastropubs, trendy breakfast spots, and earthy coffee houses...